Japanese Road Signs: Be Mindful of the Unique Shape of the ‘止まれ’ Sign

When driving in Japan, there is one road sign that you must be aware of, which differs from those in many other countries: “止まれ (Tomare) ” sign.

The phrase “止まれ” on a road sign in Japan translates to “Stop” in English. This sign, often depicted as a red triangle with the word “止まれ” written in white, indicates that drivers must come to a complete stop.

This distinctive sign, adopted in 1963, stands out from the octagonal shape commonly used in other countries, creating confusion for tourist drivers.

Given Japan’s narrow roads and high population density, the “止まれ” sign holds significant importance.

While some signs now feature both English and Japanese, the majority are still in Japanese only. It’s crucial to adhere to these rules when driving!

Let’s drive safely by following the rules!

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