Ginza Loft Reopens with Exciting New Features

Ginza Loft underwent a major renovation and reopened its doors in September 2023.
The store now offers the latest and greatest in stationery with cutting-edge features, as well as globally popular items like plush toys. The shop has become a favorite destination for tourists, making it the perfect place for souvenir shopping.

Loft also features a duty-free counter, adding to its convenience. “It’s convenient to be able to buy various items in one place,” making it particularly popular among inbound tourists from foreign countries. Considering the hassle of tax procedures, it’s more appealing to complete all your shopping in one location rather than making scattered purchases.

Antenna Floor has undergone a significant overhaul to cater specifically to foreign tourists

The entrance welcomes visitors with a marketplace atmosphere. The first floor boasts the sale of 60 types of local souvenirs from all over Japan. Here, you can find souvenirs that have been cherished for years, as well as unique and classic items. Japanese tea, especially, is a favorite among overseas tourists. There’s also a selection of rare souvenirs from various regions, and the floor offers a staggering 60 different types of sweets.

One eye-catching item is the “Kingyo Nebuta (金魚ねぶた)”

One eye-catching item is the “Kingyo Nebuta”, priced at 2,566 yen for a set of eight. Originating from Aomori Prefecture, these items open to reveal a mysterious spherical shape.
Inside, you’ll find “羊羹” (yokan), a traditional Japanese sweet made by adding sugar and agar to sweet bean paste and simmering it down. The part with decorations can be pinched, and when pricked with a toothpick, a thin layer peels off. The base is white bean paste with a filling of Aomori’s characteristic apple paste.

Popular sets include Shizuoka’s “Kyusu Monaka (急須最中)”

Popular sets include Shizuoka’s “Kyusu Monaka” priced at 216 yen, a traditional Japanese sweet wrapped in a mochi skin made from rice cakes, and a matcha set priced at 3,080 yen.

The top 5 best-selling items

The top 5 best-selling items since the renovation:

  1. Fukuoka AZUL Petit Joli
  2. Ishikawa Moroeya Medetansu
  3. Banana Castella
  4. Tirolean
  5. MACK’s Popcorn, Ume Katsuobushi Flavor

In conclusion

With its delightful designs and a plethora of delicious sweets, Ginza Loft is a must-visit destination.

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