Kurokirishima : A standard shochu!

The most popular shochu in Japan is Kurokirishima (黒霧島), which is made by Kirishima brewery, Miyazaki.
It is a shochu that is always found at restaurants, supermarkets, and convenience stores.
This time we will focus on Kurokirishima.

What is shochu?

Shochu is a representative distilled liquor in Japan.
In English, it is expressed as “Shochu”, “Japanese Shochu”, “Japanese distilled spirits”, etc.
Made from potatoes, rice, wheat, etc., it has an alcohol content of 20-45%.
Many people say, “I don’t understand the difference between sake and shochu.”
To put it simply, sake is a “ brewage ” made by fermenting rice. Shochu is a “distilled liquor” that has undergone a process called distillation based on brewed liquor made by fermenting various raw materials.
The characteristic feature of shochu is that it has a high alcohol content and a clear taste because the flavorful alcohol is extracted through a process called “distillation.”

Introduction of Kurokirishima

The raw material for “Kurokirishima” is sweet potato grown in a vast field in southern Kyushu.
The water is “Kirishima fissure“, which springs from a huge turtle about 100m underground in the Miyakonojo basin in southern Kyushu.
Authentic shochu “Kurokirishima” was born from the two treasures of water and sweet potato.

How to drink deliciously? ?

The recommended way of drinking “Kurokirishima” by the author is the rocks. Put cracked ice in a glass, pour shochu, and stir slowly and well.
You can enjoy a cool throat and a faint scent.
After all, whether it’s straight or watered is delicious.


Do you want to drink shochu?
Please enjoy the delicious Kurokirishima!

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