Compare 3 famous Gyudon (Beef bowl) chain stores

Delicious and cheap! Easy to eat.
Not only is it a strong ally for students and business people, but Gyudon (beef bowl) is also very popular with foreign tourists.

There are many chain stores that use Gyudon (Beef bowl) as their main menu, but where is the most recommended?
Also, is there any difference in the ingredients and price of the beef bowl depending on the shop?
This time we compared famous Gyudon (Beef bowl) chain stores.
You can order by touch panel or ticket system, so there are menus in each language.

Eat and compare famous Gyudon (Beef bowl) chain stores

1. Yoshinoya (吉野家)

  • Product name: Gyudon (牛丼)
  • Reference price: 448 yen (M size)
  • Calories: 669 kcal (M size)
  • Ingredients: beef, onion
  • Type: S, M, Beef L, L, XL, XXL
  • Number of stores in Japan: About 1,200
  • Payment method: Cash / Credit card / Yoshinoya Purika / WAON / ORIGAMIPAY / Rakuten Edy / iD / nanaco / QUICPay / Suica / ALIPAY / WeChat PAY etc.

Speaking of Gyudon (beef bowl), it is Yoshinoya (吉野家).
From its founding in 1958 to the present day, it continues to satisfy consumers’ stomachs.

The charm of the Yoshinoya is “sauce”!
This sauce is called “secret sauce”, and only a limited number of people in the company know the details of the materials used!
It has a deep flavor by aging at low temperature for a long time!
This shop is for people who are particular about quality rather than price.

2. Matsuya (松屋)

  • Product name: Gyumeshi (牛めし)
  • Reference price: 400 yen (Regular)
  • Calories: 709kcal (Regular)
  • Ingredients: beef, onion
  • Type: Mini, Regular, Large, Extra Large
  • Number of stores in Japan: About 1,000
  • Payment method: Cash / Credit card / Suica / PayPay / Rakuten Pay /LINE Pay / d payment / auPAY / ORIGAMIPAY / Yucho Pay / Mel Pay / ALIPAY / WeChat Pay

Matsuya offers not only Gyudon (beef bowls) but also set meal menus and children’s menus.
The set menu also includes vegetables, so it has a good nutritional balance.
The beef bowl price is 290 yen, which is 90 yen cheaper than the Yoshinoya. I think this cost performance is amazing.

Matsuya’s beef rice is soy sauce.
The soy sauce is fragrant when the beef bowl appears in front of you.
The taste of the dashi stock is light.
Also, if you eat and drink in the store, miso soup is included.

3. Sukiya (すき家)

  • Product name: Gyudon
  • Reference price: 400 yen (average)
  • Calories: 656kcal (average)
  • Ingredients: beef, onion
  • Type: Mini, Normal, Medium, Large, Special, Mega
  • Number of stores in Japan: About 2,000
  • Payment method: Cash / CooCa / Rakuten Edy / iD / QUICKPay / Suica / Credit card / Some debit cards /Alipay/WeChat Pay

The charm of Sukiya is rich menu!
Not to mention “Gyudon with Grated Radish” and “Gyudon w/ Kimchi”, there are many menus that you can’t find anywhere else, such as “Gyudon with 3 Cheeses” and “Gyudon with Mustard Leaf, Cod Caviar and Mayonnaise”!
This shop is for people who want to try various genres.


Finally, I chose the recommended Gyudon based on dogmatism and prejudice.

・If you want to eat the royal beef bowl: Yoshinoya
・If cost performance is important: Matsuya
・If you want to eat a strange variety: Sukiya

Yoshinoya’s beef bowl is truly the taste of the royal road.
And among the beef bowls introduced this time, Matsuya, which was the only 200 yen range, has outstanding cospa.
Also, if you want something a little different, you can definitely choose Sukiya.
Everything was delicious, but my personal number one is probably Yoshinoya.

It’s just my subjectivity, but I’m hoping that it will be a good reference when you are wondering where to eat!
May your everyday eating habits become more delicious.

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