Do you know only Japanese people? All tuna parts

This article introduces the tuna that Japanese people love.
Tuna parts are generally famous for otoro, chutoro and red meat.
Tuna is a large fish, so there are various parts and different characteristics.
This time, we will explain in detail about the popular parts of tuna.

About tuna parts


This is the most expensive sushi item, and it is famous for its high price in tuna and has a strong taste and fat.
It is irresistible for people who like fat.
Otoro is the part closest to the top of the stomach part called “harakami”.


This is a very popular part that is easy to eat because it has a moderate amount of fat between Otoro and red meat.
It is the part of the stomach called “harashimo” and the back part called “sekami”,”senaka” and “seshimo”.
Due to the wide area, there is some variation in the degree of fat.

Red meat

It is a very popular part for people who are not good at fat because it is low in fat and healthy.
Connoisseurs of tuna often eat red meat because they can enjoy the unique texture and umami of tuna.
It can be taken from the center of the fish.
As you get closer to the spine, it changes to a dark reddish color and is also called “tuna blood”.

Cheek meat

This is a strong dietary fiber.
A part that can be eaten raw and has a texture like meat when fried or steaked.
As the name suggests, it can be taken from the cheeks of the head.
It is quite rare because only two pieces can be taken from one tuna.

Jaw meat

It is a delicious part when grilled with salt or boiled.
It is very popular with a strong umami so that there are people who like jaw meat.
The place is behind the gills.
Like cheek meat, it is very rare because only two pieces can be taken from one tuna.

Meat at the top of the head

Meat at the top of the head has as much fat as chutoro and is delicious even in sashimi, sushi, and nabe.
Very rare because it can be taken only a little in the middle of the tuna head.


The tail is a part containing a lot of collagen.
It is exquisite when eaten with salt-baked or boiled.

How much does the price vary depending on the part?

Otoro: 3,800 yen (per 100g)

Chutoro: 2,500 yen (per 100g)

Red meat: 1,800 yen (per 100g)

Cheek meat: 280 yen (per 100g)

Jaw meat: 140 yen (per 100g)

eat at the top of the head: 600 yen (per 100g)

Otoro is the most expensive.
Rare parts are cheaper because they cannot be supplied stably.
When you find a rare part at a store, we recommend that you order without hesitation.
The rare parts are very interesting because they are different in taste.


Tuna can be roughly divided into two types: toro and red meat.
However, Japanese people eat many other parts.
When you visit Japan, try eating various parts!

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