Art created by nature! “Ice Monster” Zao’s ice rime is amazing!

Speaking of ice rime, Zao in Yamagata is famous.
This time, we would like to introduce the ice rime called “Ice Monster“.
See the monster-class ice rime that suddenly appears in the pure white world.

About ice rime

Ice rime is frozen by water droplets of supercooling, which are cooled to under 5 ℃ below the wind, blowing on the tree from one direction.
The supercooled water droplets that have been sprayed first hit the supercooled water that has been sprayed later, causing them to freeze at a stretch.
This is repeated and the ice rime becomes.

What are the characteristics of Zao’s Ice Monster?

Normally, when you think of ice rime, you can imagine that the trees are covered with snow, but Zao’s ice rime is just like a snow monster!
It is said that the formation of rime itself is extremely rare and that it cannot be seen unless the conditions are met.
The frost on the tree called “Monster” that can be seen in Zao is “Aomoritodomatsu (Abies mariesii)”.

If it doesn’t snow, ice rime cannot form.
However, Aomoritodomatsu (Abies mariesii) cannot grow naturally in places where it snows too much.
And if the climatic conditions are not met, the rime will not grow.

Aomoritodomatsu (Abies mariesii)”

Light up the Ice Monster is also recommended!

Light up event of rime is held.
There are also tours available to watch Ice Monster up close.

Light up the Ice Monster”

Clothing for going to see Zao’s Ice Monster

Winter mountains in Tohoku are extremely harsh, with temperatures below -10 ℃. So be careful!
Some items cannot be procured locally at Zao, so be sure to make preparations in advance.
From here, we will introduce recommended items so please refer to this.
Imagine yourself going to a ski resort.

[must-carry item]
・Snow wear (It is OK to go to a ski resort)
・Ear muffs
・Hat (knit is best)
・Sweaters and knits
・Thick socks
・Snow shoes, boots

[useful item]
・Hand warmer
・Hot drink

Zao is located at a high altitude and the wind is strong, so the sensible temperature will be quite low.
We recommend this kind of equipment.

How to access

The shortest route to Ice Monster is the ropeway.

Click here for the bus schedule from JR Yamagata Station ⇒ timetable

Zao Ropeway (蔵王ロープウェイ)
adress: 229-3 Santogawa, Zao Onsen, Yamagata City, Yamagata
open: 8:30 close: 17:00
Official site

Let’s go on a trip!

This time, we have introduced the Ice Monster of Zao, Yamagata.
Ice Monster standing in the pure white world is a work of art created by nature only in winter, and the whole area is a museum!
There are also slopes and hot springs in the immediate vicinity.
It’s a spot you want to visit at least once!

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