The superb view of the water mirrors “Hoshitoge Rice Terraces”

Niigata is famous for rice.
Tokamachi City is dotted with many terraced rice fields and offers a beautiful rural landscape.
Among them, Hoshitoge Rice Terraces (星峠の棚田) is said to be the most famous rice terraced field that represents Tokamachi.

About “Hoshitoge Rice Terraces

Niigata Prefecture has the highest rice production in Japan.
Koshihikari produced in Uonuma, Niigata is a brand known to all Japanese people.
It is the best rice in Japan for both name recognition and production volume.

Hoshitoge Rice Terraces are about 200 rice fields of various sizes, and spread like filling a slope like a fish scale.
It is famous for the beautiful scenery of the “water mirror,” which reflects the blue sky and surrounding scenery when water enters the rice fields.

The recommended time for Hoshitoge Rice Terraces

Visiting the terraced rice fields at Hoshitoge is recommended from May to October!
In the snowy season, it is difficult to enter.
A professional photographer often shoots the sea of clouds in the early morning.
The sea of clouds is likely to occur in May-June and September.
From spring to June and from late October until snow starts, you can see water mirrors flooded in the rice fields.

Notes on viewing terraced rice fields

The terrace area is not a tourist destination.
Please observe the etiquette carefully.
It is an important farmland (private land) where farmers grow rice.
When visiting the terraced rice fields, do not enter the place where the rope is stretched or the farmland, do not stop the car except the parking lot, take the garbage home, etc.

  • Please take the garbage home
  • Please be careful when handling fire
  • Please do not make noise unnecessarily
  • Do not collect agricultural crops or wild plants growing in the forest
  • Please do not enter the fields, fields, or shores
  • Please do not photograph people who are doing farm work without permission
  • Please comply with the Road Traffic Law and other laws

How to access

20 minutes by car from Matsudai Station on the Hokuhoku Line.

Hoshitoge Rice Terraces
adress: Toge, Tokamachi, Niigata


Many people visit to visit the beautiful terraced rice fields.
The terraced rice fields in the sea of clouds are another world.
It is an important farmland where farmers grow rice.
Please observe the etiquette carefully.

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