Sacred place of “Converse★”! The topic of “Kakimoto Shoten” in Kobe is inevitable to BUY

Converse boasts worldwide popularity.
“ALL STAR” has been the undisputed bestseller for decades, and if you like fashion, you don’t know anyone!

Do you know that there is a shop in Japan that can be called the sacred place of Converse?

“Kakimoto Shoten (柿本商店)” in Kobe

Kobe is where Kakimoto Shoten is located!
Motomachi in Kobe. When you go under the viaduct, there are many cool retro shops and art shops.
There is a converse sacred place that converse lovers can’t stand.

The sneakers lined up all over the place are all converse! !

From vintage items to rare items, you may find designs you have never seen.

Reassuring price

Most of the items are priced from \6,000 to \6,900.

Among them, rare items are priced from ¥15,000 to ¥25,000.
One of the popularity of this store is that there is a sense of security that it is a genuine product that the manager himself purchases.


■ Kakimoto Shoten (柿本商店)
adress: 2-207 Motomachi Viaduct, Chuo-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo
open: 11:00 close: 20:00


We introduced sacred places for Converse fans.
At Kakimoto Shoten, you may be able to meet a pair of destiny.

A must-visit place if you travel around Kobe!

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