Night spot in Osaka! Recommended bar & pub

Namba area (難波)

1.HUB Namba Ebisubashi (HUBなんば戎橋)

Following HUB Shinsaibashi!
One minute walk from Namba station.
Open at 17:00, right next to the Ebisubashisuji Shopping Street.
Only the crew are friendly.

2.HUB Namba Da Ore (HUBなんばダ・オーレ)

I don’t need explanation anymore!

3.Irish Pub DublinBay Garden

An underground bar.
There is also a terrace on the rooftop, so everyone can have fun drinking.
The scenery is good and you can feel the cityscape of Osaka.

4.TONBORI BASE Cafe & Info

A bar that often holds events!
Since it is along Dotonbori, it is easily accessible.

Umeda area (梅田)

1.HUB Umeda Chayamachi (HUB梅田茶屋町)

This is the fourth HUB store in this article!
The Umeda Chayamachi store is one of the most crowded bars in Osaka.
There are always many people in the store.
Men often pick up!!!!!!
If you want to pick up in Japan, definitely!

2.HUB Higashi-Umeda (HUB東梅田)

The HUB here is also crowded!

3.HUB Kitashinchi (HUB北新地)

HUB Kitashinchi is relatively empty compared to the above two HUBs.


It’s a new shop, so the inside is beautiful.

5.The Blarney stone Umeda(ザ ブラーニー ストーン梅田店)

The Blarney stone has Shinsaibashi store and Umeda store.
Many foreign staff also work, so even foreigners are safe!
It’s also popular that you can listen to live music for free every Friday-Sunday.
There aren’t many drinks and foods available, but a selection of carefully selected items!

Enjoy the nightlife of Osaka

Osaka is a fun city!
Have a fun nightlife!

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