Night spot in Osaka! Recommended bar & pub

Enjoy nightlife in the international tourist city of Osaka!
Many people in Osaka are friendly. Many Japanese want to make friends with tourists.
Introducing spots full of such Japanese people and tourists.
If you are interested, why not drop by?

Bar in Osaka

Bars in Osaka are concentrated in the three areas of Shinsaibashi (心斎橋), Namba (難波), and Umeda (梅田).
Of course, there are bars in other areas, but these three areas are overwhelmingly common.

Shinsaibashi area (心斎橋)

1.HUB Shinsaibashi (HUB心斎橋)

The HUB is always in full swing, regardless of weekdays and holidays!
Since HUB is a popular store, there are multiple stores.
If it’s crowded, let’s go to another HUB!
Another HUB will be described later.


“BARABUSHKA” is a bar where many tourists and Japanese people gather.
The large bar can accommodate over 200 people.
The secret of popularity is that there are billiards and darts in the store.
A large screen is also permanently installed, which is a great excitement when watching sports.
One of the attractions is that the price is reasonable and easy to visit.

3.Cherry Bomb (チェリーボム)

The friendly atmosphere, nostalgic music and craft beer are the best.
You can have a great time at this bar.
Drinks at reasonable prices.

4.Murphys Bar

There are half Japanese and half foreigners in the store.
The entrance is on the 2nd floor, and the frontage is narrow, but there is also the 3rd floor, which is very comfortable.
There is also a big TV, and everyone is kind to talk and it’s nice. HOUSE(セブンハウス)

The bar with the concept of a mansion like a movie world.
The drinks are surprisingly reasonable.
Impression that there are many Japanese girls because of instagrammable bar.

6.The Blarney stone Shinsaibashi(ザ ブラーニー ストーン心斎橋店)

The Blarney stone has Shinsaibashi store and Umeda store.
Many foreign staff also work, so even foreigners are safe!
It’s also popular that you can listen to live music for free every Friday-Sunday.
There aren’t many drinks and foods available, but a selection of carefully selected items!

7.The local Irish pub

Great place with friendly staff and good taste in music !

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