Let us know when the cherry blossoms are blooming! What is Cherry Blossom Front?

Spring is about cherry blossoms.
The love of cherry blossoms is one of the traditional cultures of Japan.

What is Cherry Blossom Front?

Cherry blossom front (Sakura front)” is a line connecting the flowering days of cherry blossoms in Japan.
It is called the cherry blossom front because it looks like the front of a weather map.

Japanese often use the phrase “Cherry blossom front goes north.”
This is because the cherry blossom are blooming from south to north in the Japanese archipelago.

Blooming days and full bloom days

average day
Full bloom
average day
Sapporo3 May8 May
Aomori24 April1 May
Sendai11 April18 April
Utsunomiya1 April10 April
Tokyo26 March2 April
Yokohama26 March5 April
Kanazawa4 April11 April
Nagoya26 March5 April
Kyoto28 March7 April
Osaka28 March6 April
Nara29 March6 April
Kobe28 March6 April
Hiroshima27 March5 April
Matsuyama25 March5 April
Fukuoka23 March3 April
Nagasaki24 March3 April
Naha18 January4 February
※The date is a guide

The Japan Meteorological Agency observes at about 100 measuring stations nationwide.

Let’s see beautiful cherry blossoms in Japan!

Let’s see beautiful cherry blossoms in Japan!
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