Izakaya in Japan:the symbol of alcohol heaven


There are over 100,000 izakayas in Japan.You can see it in any city.

“Izakaya” is neither a restaurant nor a bar. A form close to a izakaya may be a pub.
The Japanese izakaya, where the food is delicious and you can drink, is a very unique form of store in the world.

Everyone at the izakaya enjoys talking slowly while sitting.
The merit of an izakaya is that you can enjoy drinking while having fun chatting with friends without anyone getting in the way.

The most enjoyable thing about izakaya is eating food and enjoying alcohol.
Abundant alcohol such as beer, sake, shochu, whiskey and cocktails is usually provided.
Dishes that are compatible with alcohol are offered at a low price.
Yakitori, sashimi and hot pot are often provided.
You can also eat food that can only be eaten in Japan at an izakaya.

Izakaya rules

What is a “otoshi”?

“Otoshi” is like a table charge.
Nibbles called “otoshi” is provided at the izakaya, which costs money.
If you haven’t ordered, don’t return it.
It is often said among Japanese people that all dishes are delicious at the izakaya that offers delicious “otoshi”.

Ohibori service

“Oshibori” is a wet towel.
First, clean your hands with a oshibori.
Wiping hands is clean and refreshing.
Cold oshibori in summer and warm ohibori in winter are offered.
You may be impressed by the high quality service!

Take off your shoes in “zashiki”

In the izakaya, in addition to the table seats, the “zashiki” may be prepared.
A zashiki is a Japanese-style seat. There are tatami-mat or sunken kotatsu.
There is a custom of taking off shoes in a Japanese residence.
It’s the same as in zashiki.

When you visit Japan, go to a izakaya.

Did you have any rules you didn’t know?
Let’s go to an “izakaya” and experience Japanese culture.

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